New Curriculum

Region 16 Education Service Center, Amarillo ISD and Panhandle PBS have convened a team of educators to write new curriculum around the Vietnam War.  These lesson plans will incorporate stories from Texas Panhandle residents, and will support middle school and high school teachers as they incorporate the Vietnam War into their classroom instruction.

Led by Region 16, this curriculum team includes:
Paige Artho, Canyon ISD
Kelly Ashlock, Hart ISD
Megan Horn, Pampa ISD
Rachel Huseman, Canyon ISD
Nick Murja, Amarillo ISD
Cindy Wihebrink, Boys Ranch ISD
Dr. Marty Kuhlman, West Texas A&M University
Dr. Wade Shaffer, West Texas A&M University
Dr. Bryan Vizzini, West Texas A&M University

Lesson Plans

High School

Vietnam Curriculum Lesson Plan (Tet Offensive: How Media Helped Shape Public Perception; The Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Background and Project; Gulf of Tonkin: War Powers Act & Presidental Power)

Middle School

Hometown Heroes Lesson Plan

• Support Materials: Hometown Heroes

Passport to the Vietnam War Lesson Plan

• Support Materials: Passport to the Vietnam War

The Wall: Why We Remember Lesson Plan

• Support Materials: The Wall: Why We Remember

For additional educational resources on the Vietnam War, visit PBS LearningMedia at and search "Vietnam War."

Additional resources for educators on the forthcoming Ken Burns and Lynn Novick film, The Vietnam War, are forthcoming in fall 2017.

Region 16

Educators' Conference

Instructional Fusion Conference:  Courageous Conversations About Vietnam

June 30, 2017 from 9am - 4pm

Region 16 Education Service Center, Bell & Hillside

Region 16 ESC engaged area educators in a national conversation about what happened in Vietnam. Why and how did the political, cultural, and social landscapes change?  Educators received real world support and guidance for student-centered classrooms that create success for all students in an examination of the root causes and effects of the Vietnam era on American cultural and political institutions.

For a combined Powerpoint Presentation with content shared by Conference presenters, please visit here.

For more information on the conference visit or call 806-677-5184.